Founded in 1964, Cannonball Trucking, Inc. quickly became the preferred expedited freight logistics service in Houston. Over the last 46 years, Cannonball has focused on meeting the demanding needs of the rapidly expanding petrochemical industry. Our commitment to excellence in service combined with a rock solid safety record, has ensured that Cannonball remains the preferred truck freight service in Houston. Family values, honesty, and straight forward business practices, has strengthened our expedited freight system for almost 50 years. The result is an expedited freight carrier where a hand shake is still worth as much as a legal contract. Honesty, integrity, and excellence, since 1964.


Cannonball is a certified Hazardous Materials Carrier, carries industry specific levels of Cargo and Hazardous Materials Insurance and has the authority to haul to, from, and within all 48 states of the continental United States. Our certifications and insurance allows Cannonball to provide a custom tailored logistics solution that covers local as well as out of town shipments of virtually all kinds of freight. One call and you're covered.

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality, customer oriented services at a fair and competitive price to our customer. To always strive to serve our customer in the safest, most dependable and expedient manner at all times. Continuous improvement in every phase of our operations will always be the highest priority. By achieving these objectives, we will build long term relationships for the mutual benefit of our customer and our company.

Vision Statement

To continue, as we have since 1964, placing the customer first and striving for constant improvement in all aspects of our business.
To continue to incorporate safety as our number one priority in all phases of operations with such consistency that it remains second nature to all Cannonball representatives.
With these basic, primary concerns as our focus, Cannonball will remain a viable entity for its customers and employees for many more years to come.

Who we are

Ronnie Eubanks
"Unless they figure out a way to beam cargo back and forth like in Star Trek, there will always be a need for trucks. Until that happens, we are going to continue focusing on being the best trucking company possible."
James English
VP, Operations
"Shipments scheduled in advance are more cost effective and far less likely to encounter problems."
"Over the last 40 years as a driver for Cannonball, the transportation business and Houston has really changed. The one constant that I could count on is that Cannonball will treat me fairly, and if I ever needed anything, Mr. Eubanks is always available to help."