Cannonball Trucking's Secure Facility

Cannonball Trucking, Inc. maintains a secure facility including a perimeter security fence with locking gates, site wide surveillance cameras, and 24 hour security.

Loading Dock and Warehouse

Cannonball Trucking is equipped with a dock high warehouse which allows consolidation and short term storage of customer freight.

Full Service Mechanic Shop

Cannonball's full service maintenance and repair shop strives daily to ensure our fleet is always safe and ready to service our customers.

Safety Inspections

In addition to maintenance and repair, the Cannonball mechanic shop leads the safety program that performs level 1 inspections on all equipment every 90 days.

Mechanic Certifications

Cannonball's team of mechanics have been trained and certified in numerous disciplines. Continuing education is a top priority.

Speed Limit

Safety is a primary concern with clear signage and speed limits conspicuously posted.

Safety Reminders

A safety reminder hangs where the monthly safety meetings are conducted. Reminders and awards ensure the success of the safety program.

Safety Training

All Cannonball employees and contractors must complete a safety training program before beginning work.

Driver Trainers

All drivers must complete and pass a series of tests administered by our team of veteran driver trainers.

Haz Mat Training Certificates

All Cannonball drivers and dispatch personnel must complete the HM 126 F Haz Mat safety training program.