From specialized trailers to hard hats, safety glasses, and frc, Cannonball has the right equipment for the job. Since 1964, Cannonball has grown up with Houston's commercial and industrial prosperity. Careful planning and years of experience have gathered the equipment needed to meet the needs of some of the most demanding environments. Below is a small example of the wide range of specialized equipment available.

Liquid Cylinder / Cylinder Dollies and Pipe Racks

Cargo does not stop at the receiving dock. Many shipments need to be moved to end users, inside buildings, through warehouses, and into process areas. Cannonball's assortment of transport equipment can help when a fork lift is unavailable or not an option.

Pipe Rack

Pipe racks enable smaller trucks carry pipe up to 24' long that is light weight. Instead of being forced to use a large stakebed on a piece of 20' long pipe, a pickup with a pipe rack delivers a significant cost savings.

Headache Rack

The headache rack against the rear window provides driver safety from shifting loads and a solid structure to which freight (especially compressed gas cylinders) can be secured.


No forklift at the pickup or delivery point? Not a problem, this lift gate allows Cannonball drivers to load and unload freight that would otherwise need a forklift to handle.